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Monthly parking

How to apply to a monthly permit online?

  • Select the parking lot of your choice from the list provided in the section Rent a parking space or by selecting it on the map. Complete the form online and submit for processing. Indigo will contact you in order to establish contract terms.

Do you have a waiting list?

  • Some of our parking lots may have a waiting list. You can ask to be added to the waiting list and/or ask to apply for another parking lot nearby.

How can I pay for my monthly permit?

  • When you sign up for monthly parking, an automatic electronic fund transfer or credit card charge will be set up on your account. You can also pay your monthly parking on your customer account.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Indigo requires a full calendar month written notice to terminate an account.

Can we transfer the account to someone else?

  • It is not possible to transfer your account. Your account would need to be cancelled and a new contract must be setup with the new parker.

How to set up my customer account?

  • Please enter your personal information here

How can I access my customer account?

  • You can log in to your account at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Information on services and rates

Prices for monthly parking and daily parking are listed on our website. In cases of discrepancy between rates shown on this site and rates posted at the lot, the rates posted at the lot prevail.

All public parking sites are displayed on the website. Please note that some of the parking lots can be closed according to the season.

Insurance and damages

Please note that neither Indigo nor the owner of the parking site shall be liable for any loss or damages. Car and contents are left at owner’s risk. You can refer to the contract for more information.

Payment by phone

How to set up an account to pay by phone?

  • You can download the application on your smart phone.

   Pay by phone               Parkmobile

  • You can also sign up on line.

   Pay by phone               Parkmobile

Violation notice

How can I pay for a violation notice?

  • You can make your payment by credit card online here. It is also possible to mail or drop off a cheque at the regional Indigo office.

How long do I have to pay?

  •  You have 7 days including the day of violation to pay.

How can I appeal?

  • For Calgary: please call our office at 1-403-269-7275 or come directly to Suite 288, 600 6 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P0S5.

  • For Vancouver: please send an email to Do not forget to attach any documents you may have for your appeal.

  • For Ottawa: please note that if you want to contest a violation issued by the City of Ottawa you have to communicate directly with the City.

  • For other cities, you need to send an email with your violation notice number and any documentation you may have to support your dispute to the regional Indigo office. Your violation notice is frozen until you receive a reply to your appeal.