Bahaa Bennani

Customer Service Attendant

"My name is Bahaa Bennani and I am a customer service attendant. I have been a customer service attendant at the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport since December 2007. We are talking about a central position where the traffic flow is indeed very important. In fact, when the passengers are dropped off, it can rapidly become quite crowded. I must engage in swiftness, be proactive and organized in order to overcome peak periods. Moreover, my patience and respect are very important considering the direct contact with customers.

The part that I like the most about my job is my constant relation with customers. Offering an excellent service is my priority. Also, I like the good team spirit which that I find with my colleagues whom I regard as a small family."

Booby Prézeau

Driver of airport shuttle

My name is Bobby Prézeau and I am a shuttle driver. My role is to act as the person in charge of the transport of the customers and the employees to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, the various car parks operated by Indigo, as well as the various hotels for which we offer our services. The travel is accomplished in a spirit of respect, by offering an outstanding customer service, but also by ensuring the safety and security of our clientele.

In addition, the minibus is under my responsibility. Indeed, I have to watch over the smooth running of the minibus and detect disorders in order to report them to the responsible person. The activity being more intense in winter, I have to offer a supplementary service by helping customers to clear the snow from their vehicle or by giving them assistance whenever they are stuck in the snow. Every shuttle is equipped with a back compartment to facilitate the loading of luggage. The shuttle is constantly on the move and leaves the airport towards the car parks on average 30 times a day. The routes are predefined, but the passengers are always different.

The work is achieved as a team. Personnel remain in touch with their colleagues by way of portable radio, enabling them to communicate important information rapidly or request assistance if needed.

As a driver of the shuttle, I am constantly in touch with people. The relation with the customers is different during the weekends than during the week. They are more joyful because the holidays begin as soon as their vehicle is parked. The clientele in the week generally consists of business people. Some are regulars who I see every week. For some, I eventually end up knowing the place where they park their vehicles without having to ask them.

It is a very pleasant profession, which allows me to meet interesting people and especially to experience travel stories. For example, on December 24th, 2007, at midnight, as we were driving the crew of Air Canada to the hotel, the song O Holy Night played on the radio, and everyone in the shuttle sang out loud during the entire 3 minutes of the trip. I hear travel stories many times a day, ranging from the bad luck of a family on vacation that had seven full days of rain, to the stories of Olympic athletes returning with medals around their necks.

Geneviève Pichette

Customer Service Attendant

Hi, my name is Geneviève Pichette and I am a customer service attendant. My principal mandate is making sure that the Place Ville-Marie parking lot’s clientele is happy and well taken care of! The daily customer pays their parking fees trough a payment machine located in the parking lobby. My role is mostly to help the customers in need of help at the machines. Stuck tickets, machine and/or gate technical problems are typical situations in which the attendant has to juggle with on a daily basis.

Not only I assist the clientele, but also I have the responsibility of refilling the ticket boxes as well as to maintain an up-to-date inventory of the supplies such as rebate tickets and cash reports.

Being a customer service attendant is a nice profession that requires listening to my client and making sure that I can solve problems quickly, but also, this job allows me to meet interesting people everyday!