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Access Expertise. Stay informed with our white papers.

With the progress of data collection and management techniques, the increased role of digital technologies, and the remarkable possibilities of business intelligence, the car park is rapidly evolving, and contributes to the emergence of a new urban mobility. Our white papers cover the angles of the revolution. Informed. Clarified. Advice. To download.

Making operations profitable by optimizing management


Too often, ancillary parking lots are under-appreciated assets by their owners and managers until a problem arises. Yet as we’ve learned in an article published in BOMA Magazine, the International Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) magazine, poor management decisions - deficient outsourcing contracts, inefficient operations, maintenance issues, employee theft, fraud, financial irregularities and poor use of occupancy statistics - can cause losses of up to 28% of parking revenues.

Integrating digital technologies into dynamic parking management


Already an individual’s daily trajectory could be interspersed with smart technologies that automate all the peripheral functions for parking, for example: the search for available spaces, payment, opening gates, and signage for available spaces. All functions necessary for traffic management and mobility of individuals can also be automated: monitoring traffic and congestion, manual and automated monitoring of the use of parking lots (ticketing on the spot), controlling service use, user access control, detection of equipment failures.

Business intelligence: The next big thing in parking


If applying the principles of BI to parking holds out the promise of better management, and of fiscal windfalls, the implications go far beyond the integration of cutting edge technology into a business practice... Future parking needs must be thought out and planned today. An organization using unparalleled analytics will be able to offer customer service with a high financial return, while taking advantage of new technologies to develop the best internal management processes in accordance with best industry practices.