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An advanced vision of parking solutions
Focused on inter-modality and urban mobility
Connecpark: smart customer assistance
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Innovative parking solutions
Our equipment and services are increasingly sophisticated and user-friendly

Discover why more organizations are choosing Indigo to optimize management and enhance cost-efficiency in the operation of their parking facility.

Connecpark, smart customer assistance

Improve your results and eliminate hassles with the most advanced customer support around. Connecpark is the most advantageous solution that could create substantial savings for you; and improve your customer support at the same time.

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At home, Indigo manages more than 25,000 spots in the health and social services sector

With world-class expertise, we have a thorough understanding of the issues in this sector. We are solid allies of hospital administrators, clinics and social service centers allowing them to provide quality parking service - equally as high as the other benefits offered by their institutions.

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Indigo, the world’s leading brand

Indigo is a world leader in parking management and urban mobility solutions. For more than fifty years, Indigo has been transforming its customers’ parking experience by multiplying innovations and providing personalized solutions. Active in fourteen countries, Indigo is now the European leader in the parking facilities and one of the major players in North America.

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Airports, train stations & company

The position that Indigo has in our market makes it a major player in inter-modality. Its expertise and innovative vision make it a development factor. At the service of numerous transportation systems, Indigo integrates the parking facility phase into the travel chain thereby ensuring high-quality service.

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Bahaa Bennani

Customer Service Attendant « My name is Bahaa Bennani and I am a customer service attendant. »

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